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Punto Oscuro literally translates to “Dark Point.” Punto is in reference to “tejido de punto” or knitting, but it can also have a temporal meaning, like a moment or a place. Founded by Mexican-Guatemalan designer, Rozalba Velasquez Keller, Punto Oscuro was developed as a knitwear collection combining her love of flora and fauna and the gothic paradise they thrive in. Each piece integrates an element of mystic symbology and combines it with the rich and colorful heritage of her Latinx roots.


Punto Oscuro is focused on fostering inclusivity as well as social and  environmental responsibility. Using natural fibers and recycled materials, she makes every effort to source locally and produce with low impact manufacturing techniques.


Punto Oscuro is both gender neutral and size inclusive. She believes that diversidad drives excellence. And like mamá says:

¡Ponte un suéter!
Put on a sweater!

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about how Punto Oscuro

got it's start :

"We’re a little dark and weird but we’re ethical."

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