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Nuestra Palabra. Our Promise.

We put responsibility at the center of everything. Sustainability is an evolving goal and we don’t have all the answers, but we are committed to reducing environmental impact, social responsibility, and fostering inclusivity. Using natural fibers and recycled materials, our goal is to preserve stewardship of our natural environment.

Image by Josiah Farrow


Our fibers are all natural and sustainable. Our manufacturers ensure the fair treatment of people and animals and the shearing process that yields the wool used to create alpaca yarn does not hurt the animal at all. The yarn and garment making processes are completed by workers who work in safe conditions.

We are dedicated to reducing plastic usage in our packaging. Our labels are made from locally sourced Pima cotton and we use recycled paper hangtags and wrappers. 

Socially Responsible

We are proud to partner with a certified fair wage manufacturer in Peru which follows the ten principles of the World Fair Trade Organization. This credential represents ethically made garments improving hundreds of lives, protecting land and waterways. The goal is to achieve and promote good practices, raising awareness among suppliers and clients about gender equality, paying a fair price, no child exploitation and respect for the environment.

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Punto Oscuro is committed to being inclusive to all gender expressions, all body types, and all races or ethnicities. We are also working to include adaptive styles for bodies with disabilities.

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